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VG10 vs SG2 [Which Is The Best Kitchen Knife]

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SG2 and VG10 steel are two different varieties of high-carbon stainless steel produced by the same company. Consumers often can’t decide which one to get as both make pretty premium quality knives.

VG10 vs SG2?

The main difference between VG10 vs SG2 is that VG10 is more well-known for creating kitchen knives for everyday use though SG2 is of a higher grade. If you aren’t a steel expert, you might not notice much of a difference between these two. They both have their pros and cons. Neither of these steels stands out enough to make an obvious decision. 

Still, have questions? I got you covered. Go through the article and find out all you need to know about these products.

SG2 vs. VG10: Quick Comparison

Most people look at the blade from a distance while purchasing kitchen knives. To determine the knife’s quality, they merely look if the blade is composed of stainless steel or carbon steel. 

This is a misnomer since both kinds have advantages and downsides. Just like Honesuki and boing knives

Let’s have a head-to-head comparison for VG10 and SG2 steel knives.

Resistance to WearHigherAverage
Resistance to CorrosionHigherHigher
Retention of the edgesHigherAverage
Sharpness Maintenance EasierTough

Now let’s get into a detailed discussion. Starting with the basics, let’s know what we are talking about.

Overview of SG2 And VG10 Knives

Most knife blades are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel blades corrode more easily than stainless steel blades. However, they lack the toughness and sharpness of their carbon counterparts.

SG2 is a kind of stainless steel produced by Takefu Special Steel. The same company that produced SG1. The term SG stands for Super Gold. This steel is also known as SGPS or Super Gold Power Steel.

The Carbon concentration of SG2 is higher than that of VG10, while the Chromium content is lower. Tafeku ceased producing this steel since it wasn’t as popular as VG10. Kitchen knives made of SG2 steel are available from other manufacturers.

VG10 has enough chromium to be stainless steel, but not enough carbon to be carbon steel. As a consequence, knife blades produced of this steel are very corrosion resistant. While also being extremely strong. 

V-Gold-10 or VG10 is a steel that is regarded as the gold standard.

Detailed Quality Check

Many individuals overlook the importance of looking into the blade material when purchasing knives. Knowing what features your knife blade has can help you use the knife more effectively. 

SG2 has distinct features from VG10 due to its altered makeup. Let’s have a quick view of their qualities.


VG10 is tougher stainless steel than most others. On the Rockwell Scale, it has a hardness value of 56-60 HRc.

SG2 is very hard due to its high carbon concentration. The Rockwell Scale gives it a hardness value of 64 HRc. Although increased hardness raises the risk of brittleness, it gives excellent abrasion resistance.

Winner: SG2 Knives.


This steel produces razor-sharp knife blades. Even though high Chromium steels are a little less keen than reduced Chromium steels. It’s a lot like misono knives.

Despite its high sharpness, SG2 steel possesses a tiny microstructure due to the production method. Sharpening SG2 steel will be a breeze, and the blades will retain their quality for longer. As a result, you won’t have to sharpen them as often.

Winner:  SG2 Knives.


It’s not to be confused with hardness. Steel is more prone to chipping or shattering as it becomes tougher. Harder steels may readily become brittle, but this isn’t the case here. VG10 is a robust material that can withstand a lot of lateral stress without breaking.

We must admit that the SG2 steel’s toughness is poor owing to its high hardness. As a result, it may become fragile. Though breaking blades is unlikely, chipping or bending is a typical occurrence.

Winner:  SG2 Knives.

Retention of the Edges

This steel has a strong edge retention capacity because of the high Chromium content. As a result, blades made with this steel will last a long time. With no hassle of having to sharpen them repeatedly.

In comparison to most other steels, SG2 steel offers outstanding edge retention. As a result, SG2 steel blades maintain their shape for a longer time. The edge retention is similar to Mundial knives.

Winner:  SG2 Knives.

Resistance to Corrosion

Because of its high proportion of Chromium, Carbon, and Vanadium, V10 steel is exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion. Even in humid environments, if you keep the knife correctly, it will not rust.

Because SG2 steel is very strong, it will not shed particles when used in blades. Thus it is very durable. This steel prevents rust and oxidation better than other steel kinds due to its high chromium concentration.

Winner: Both SG2 and VG10 Knives.

Final Verdict

VG10 is the ideal combination of toughness and hardness. As a result, edge durability will be superior to that of other steels. For the same reason, the risks of flaking will be minimized. Other advantages include,

VG10 has more rust and high corrosion resistance than most other steels. For its high Chromium and Carbon content. Has exceptional wear resistance, allowing you to use VG10 blades for extended periods of time.

Like everything else in the world, it has its pros and cons. Such as, the edge of VG10 steel blades may be difficult to maintain. Kitchen knives manufactured of VG10 will set you back a significant amount of money.

SG2 offers excellent rust and corrosion resistance. The increased Chromium content in its composition has made it possible. 

It is less prone to wear than other steel kinds, making it ideal for creating tough blades. This is because the SG2 blade has a better hardness rating. SG2 steel is easier to sharpen because of its small microstructure.

Due to its great hardness, it may be fragile and chippable. It also might get chipped if used on hard surfaces. Yet, these knives are not the only options for you. 

We’ve compiled a list of blades that you might find handy for your convenience.

Product 1[lasso amazon_url=”” link_id=”3691″] 

Users have given these blades positive feedback. With that being said, we have reached the end of our discussion. 

Now, you’ll be able to pick the best material for your kitchen knives based on this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VG10 high-strength steel?

Because of its high-performance qualities, VG10 is known as super steel. It contains a lot of carbon and chromium, which makes it still incredibly hard and keeps its form.

Is it simple to sharpen VG10 steel?

Sharpness is proportional to the steel’s hardness. Sharpening VG10 steel will require some time and effort due to its hardness. This steel will keep its sharpness for a long time after you sharpen it.

Is SG2 steel made of stainless steel?

Yes, SG2 is powdered steel with a high carbon content that is prized for its hardness and corrosion resistance.


Now you can decide your pick between vg10 vs sg2. I’d like to give you a bonus tip before I end my article. 

Make sure you take excellent care of them to maintain them in good condition.

Till next time, best of luck.