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Do Potatoes Float in Water? (Explained)

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What comes first- the chicken or the egg? How did the chicken cross the road? Who initiated the Big bang and several other questions keep boggling our minds, now and then.

In the quest for answers, we decided to resolve another such question, do potatoes float?

The answer is simple- No, they don’t! Regular potatoes don’t float on the surface of the water but sink into it.

Why do Potatoes float?

Potatoes don’t float in regular water and the reason for this is density. Anything that has a density lower than that of water, floats on the surface. Objects with a greater density, on the other hand, sink to the bottom. 

How to Make My Potatoes Float?

Want your potatoes floating (Trick or Treat)? Alter the density!

Adding salt or sugar to your water makes it heavier and as a result, your potatoes will start to float.

Just like the Dead Sea, the salt in the water increases the overall mass of the water, therefore, making it denser. You can do the trick by using sugar also.

Do Sweet Potatoes Float?

Yes! The sweet potatoes do float in water. In fact, that is one of the major differences to identify different types of potatoes.

Do Potatoes Float- Identifying Types Of Potatoes

Potatoes, majorly, are of two types. Waxy and Mealy. Waxy potatoes are high in starch whereas mealy potatoes are regular white potatoes.

Some of the key differences between a waxy and a mealy potato include:

CharacteristicsWaxy PotatoesMealy Potatoes
Starch ContentLowHigh
Moisture contentHighLow
Sugar ContentHighLow
ExamplesRed skin potatoes, Fingerling potatoes, New potatoes.Russets, Yams, Idaho, sweet potatoes, etc.

What are Mealy potatoes Used For?

Owing to their low starch content, mealy potatoes are an ideal candidate for deep-fried potatoes. They don’t retain their shape upon boiling and are therefore perfect for preparing mashed potatoes.

What are Waxy Potatoes Used For?

Waxy potatoes, on the contrary, retain their shape upon boiling and are a good choice for dishes that include roasted or sautéd potatoes.

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Are Floating Potatoes Bad?

So now we know that floating potatoes are not always bad. Unless a potato is green and tastes bitter it is okay to eat them. People tend to discard wrinkling or sprouting potatoes but they are not always bad.

If the potato is not green you can always just remove the sprouts and use the rest of the potato.

How Much Salt Should I Add to Water to Make My Potatoes Float?

If you want to prepare a brine solution to make your potatoes float, this is how to do it:

Add one part of salt to11 parts of water i.e 6 tablespoons of salt to 1 liter of water.

Adding potatoes to this solution, you will find your mealy potatoes floating on the surface.

Do Over Boiled Potatoes Float?

If the potatoes are left to boil for a long period, the potato soaks up the water. This increases the density, making them heavier. However, soaking too much water makes some potatoes lose their intact shape.

The potato, therefore, breaks into small pieces, the smallest of which may float for some time.

How to fix over-boiled potatoes?

Over boiling, potatoes can result in them being soupy when mashed. If you have over-boiled your potatoes too, don’t worry.

Just put the mashed potatoes on the stove (in a pot!) and cook them on low heat. The excess water will evaporate in the form of steam, leaving a dried-out dish of mashed potatoes behind.

How do you know your potatoes are overcooked?

If the skin of your potato appears wrinkled, it is a sign that you have overcooked your potato. Make sure to avoid over boiling, to get desired flavor and presentation.

How long does it take to perfectly boil a potato?

The perfect boiling time for a potato depends on its size. However, generally smaller potatoes boil in 15 minutes whereas larger potatoes take about 25 minutes until they are perfectly done.

Perfect Potato Recipies

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon or you are in your Gordon Ramsay mode, there is a potato recipe for every season, every mood, and every time of the day.

Potatoes make everyone happy. Here are some of our favorite recipes you can make:

Hash Browns For A Crisp Breakfast

Hash browns are a perfect and time-saving addition to your breakfast menu. Fun Fact- Kids love it!

Hash browns are very easy to make. All you need are some:

  • Potatoes
  • Butter
  • Paprika
  • Salt n Pepper

Shred the potatoes, soak them in water. Press dry the potato and fry it with butter and spices and your crispy hash potatoes are ready to serve.

This 10-minute recipe gets ready in no time and is equally nutritious. 

Potato and Chicken Pad Thai For A Hearty Lunch

Tantalize your tastebuds with this innovative pad thai recipe. It takes 20 minutes to complete and is bursting with flavors and packed with nutrients.

A combination of chicken, potatoes, and eggs topped with flavorful sauces makes it a favorite for everyone.

Potato and Cauliflower Curry For A Delicious Dinner

All the vegan lovers out there, this one’s for you! This roasted potato and cauliflower curry is delicious and extremely nutritious. The recipe is easy to cook and is low in calories. You can serve it alone or as a side dish to meat curries.

All you need are some potatoes, equal parts cauliflower, yogurt, and spices. The total prep and cooking time for this dish is 30 minutes.

Potatoes with Soft Boiled Eggs and Swiss Chard 

Add colors to your brunch plate with the vibrant swiss chard, creamy potatoes, and soft-boiled eggs. Topped up with red onions and vinaigrette dressing, this mouth-watering recipe is perfect for lazy Sunday morning brunches.

The recipe takes 20 minutes to complete. 

Air Fried Crispy Potato Bites For a Healthy Snack

This healthy snack recipe is prepared in no time for those late-night cravings.

The crispy potato bites are air-fried with minimal oil and are low in calories. Seasoned with all spices this snack is easy to make and hits just the right spot. 

All you need are potatoes cut into bite-sized cubes. Spray or brush them with a tablespoon (or two) of oil and toss them into the air fryer.

After 10 minutes shake them a little and then cook them for another 10 minutes.

Once done, dish out the potato bites and sprinkle them with salt and paprika (to taste). Your snack is ready to be gobbled up!

 For a better insight into the quantities and measurements, check out the detailed recipe here. 


Potatoes are loved by all, children and adults, alike. Be it mashed potatoes or french fries, A healthy snack of baked potato, or stuffed potato curry, potatoes are a winner, across the board.

So if while stuffing your mouth with the creamy mashed potatoes you too think, do potatoes float? We hope our blog will clear the confusion for you.

For now, just sit back, relax, and keep treating yourself with those mouth-watering potatoes.

Happy Eating!