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7 DIY Ideas for Salt Shakers (Types & Uses)

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Are you looking for the most chick, modern yet decent-looking salt shaker to suit your kitchen decor? Or just want to turn your basic salt shaker into a fancy-looking salt shaker but don’t know how to? This post will answer all the questions regarding salt shakers.

DIY Salt shakers are a great technique as they are a magnificent combination of both creativity and decoration. These DIY salt shakers can be easily designed using simple tools at home and are very inexpensive too.

Our DIY ideas will make your salt shakers so neat that you can easily use them at the dinner table when your guests are around. Not only that, but when you customize them, they look elegant and also contribute to your decor themes while they are set out.

DIY Ideas for Salt Shakers

Did you not find any salt shaker of your desire? Stop worrying. Let’s create our own salt shaker. 

This section will share the easy and stylish ways to customize a salt shaker that will complement your decor theme.

1. DIY Coke Bottle Shaker

Have you been collecting bottles for a while as your hobby? Then this salt shaker idea is for you.

Just pick any of your favorite bottles from your collection and turn them into salt shakers. You will get a feel of pop culture, and these will also add beauty to your table too.

2. Gold leaf salt and pepper shakers

If you already have simple salt shakers, then this idea can turn your basic salt shaker into a fancy and modern salt shaker.

Just take out some metallic gold leaf paint and add minor details on your previous salt shaker.

You can choose any design. Also, you can pick any color to paint the salt shaker, but the golden color looks the most elegant.

3. Revamped vintage horse salt and pepper shakers

If you don’t like to reuse the previously used basic shakers, then the above shaker DIY is for you.

These horse-shaped shakers are not that hard to find; here’s one that we liked. You can paint them in whatever way you like. You can see how these wild horses add elegance to the dinner table.

4. Misted polka dot glass shakers

If you have small rounded glass bottles, you can convert them into these awesome-looking salt shakers.

Just add a few holes using any glass etching technique and use them as a salt shaker from now onwards.

We recommend you keep it as simple as you can as a simple look looks the most elegant.

5. Kinder Egg Minion shakers

Yes, now this little yellow capsule can be used as a salt shaker too.

If you have little babies and they love eating these chocolates so much that your room is all scattered with these capsules, then this DIY idea is for you.

Just add a few holes on them and use them as a salt shaker now. 

6. Vintage sewing pattern photo shakers

Now you can easily learn different methods to use Vintage sewing patterns on your basic salt shakers.

This DIY idea, too, gives a unique look to your previous salt shakers. They really add beauty to your table.

Vintage sewing pattern photos are a very unique yet simple idea and can put your guests in awe.

7. Copper Cylinder Shaker

If you have a modern kitchen, then you must be searching out an idea that looks fancy and has a chick style that contributes to your industrial style kitchen. This copper cylinder shaker is ideal for that and can fulfill your desire and match your required aesthetics.

The idea is very simple. Just pick up your old salt shaker and wrap a wrapper contact paper around them. Yes, it is as simple as it seems.

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Importance of Salt Shakers

Salt along with pepper can be added to almost all the dishes in the world. As everything changes with time, so have the little containers used to place these two spices. 

You might have seen people grinding large piles of salt and converting them into the powdered form so that they can be sprinkled on different dishes. These salt shakers have become the easiest way of having salt readily available for table or kitchen use.

You must have seen that these salt shakers now come in different materials ranging from simple plastic, metal, glass, to even ceramic.

Morton Salt Company was the first company that gave the idea of anti-caking agents, and so the salt shakers came into being.

After that, ceramic companies lowered the rates and started making salt shakers so that an average person could buy them.

You can say that these shakers have become a go-to choice for people since they are available in different comic book characters and elegant styles.

Let’s see the types of salt shakers and which one of these is the best.

Types of Salt Shakers

Some people buy salt shakers for blending the large pieces and converting them into powdered form.

On the other hand, many people use them for grinding large pieces of salt as well as for their aesthetically pleasing nature. They carefully choose a salt shaker for their home as these salt shakers contribute to their decor theme.

As every scenario calls for a different type of salt shaker, then let’s briefly discover the pros and cons of the most widely used salt shakers.

Basic Salt Shakers

You must have seen such shakers and most probably in your kitchen. They have just a few holes on their lids, and you can easily dispense the salt through them. These basic small containers are made with neutral shades so that you can complement them with almost all decor and themes. 

Here comes an argument between the number of holes in the salt and pepper shakers. Some people say that pepper shakers have more holes as compared to salt shakers.

On the other hand, the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Tennessee says that there’s no specific answer to this as it depends on the preference. 

Things, We Like Most About Basic Salt Shakers

  • Very affordable
  • Very simple and elegant
  • Can be used in all the settings and home decors
  • Easy to use
  • Can be refilled
  • Salt can be measured easily during cooking
  • Easily fixable

Things that We Do Not Like About Basic Salt Shakers

  • Can not grind the big pieces of salt into powdered form
  • Do not provide the most focused, modern, or formal look

These salt shakers are the most convenient, and we recommend you use them as a backup.

Salt Grinders

With these salt shakers, you can not only dispense the salt but you can grind the big pieces as well.

Many people like freshly ground salt and pepper, and these shakers are the best as you can grind the salt and pepper in just a minute before serving. 

These salt shakers come with an already built grinding mechanism attached to them. Just push the button on the top of it and get your salt and pepper ground in a matter of seconds.

These shakers are now available in different materials, including the disposal material too. 

Things We Liked Most About Basic Salt Shakers

  • Fresh and ground salt and pepper 
  • Grind the salt in just a few seconds
  • Ground salt using this shaker adds a fresh taste to the dish
  • Looks eye-catching

Things that We Do not Like About Basic Salt Shakers

  • It might be difficult to measure the exact amount of salt when grinding.

If you are looking for maximum flavor and an appealing shaker, then this shaker is just the best.

Stainless Steel Salt Shaker

If you want to add a unique style to your dinner table, then this steel salt shaker is the best. These salt shakers come in a variety of designs, and you can pick the simple or fancy one for your kitchen. 

Their durability is the most guaranteed, making them more useful than glass salt shakers. These elegant shakers can be used to dispense the salt easily when eating or using them during cooking.

Things, We Liked Most About Basic Salt Shakers

  • Modern and Elegant Look
  • No tarnishing
  • No rusting
  • Easy to use
  • The most durable among all the shakers

Things that We Do not Like About Basic Salt Shakers

  • They are a bit heavy as compared to other salt shakers
  • No built-in grinder

We recommend you buy these salt shakers if you are looking for an elegant salt shaker.

What to Consider When Choosing Salt Shaker Sets

If you are thinking of buying a specific pair of salt shakers, know that there are certain points that you really need to consider while going to buy a set of shakers.

Let’s discuss the following few points that can help you pick the best salt shaker for your kitchen.

  • The Budget: While this seems like an obvious one, it’s one of the main reasons people buy salt shakers made of plastic or glass. Looking for a specific design will cost you a bit more.
  • Purpose of Shaker: there is a difference in salt shakers depending on if you are buying a salt shaker for your home or buying it for your restaurant where you have many guests to serve. 

If you are running a restaurant, then buying a fancy, modern, yet elegant salt shaker is the ultimate option.

On the other hand, if you are just buying a shaker for your kitchen, then choose a simple and easy to hold salt shaker.

  • Aesthetics: if you are someone who is looking for salt shakers that are eye-catching, draw attention, and make a statement, then go for buying a salt shaker that suits your home decor theme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a salt shaker have three holes?

It all depends on health consciousness, culture, and taste. Therefore, the number of holes in salt shakers is different in different regions of the world. Salt is considered a major health risk in the United States, and that’s why they make fewer holes on their salt shakers. On the other hand, salt shakers made in Europe come with more holes as they consider salt to be their rare spice.

Why is there rice in the salt in Salt Shaker?

Humidity from the air can get absorbed into the salt grains, and so bunches of salt are formed. Rice traps these water vapors from the air and thus keeps humidity from absorbing into the salt grains.

Final Words

We all know how salt is the most important ingredient in every recipe, and so a salt shaker makes it easy to reach and use. Moreover, Salt shakers are a good aesthetic addition to your kitchen and dinner table. 

Simplicity looks more elegant, and that’s why we recommend you keep the design of the salt shaker as simple as you can.