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Big Green Egg Table Nest or Paver – Make the Right Choice

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You finally got yourself a Big Green Egg and you’re ready to install it. But you’re worried about what to put under the Big Green Egg to protect your grill table from the heat.

So, which one’s a better option

Big green egg table nest or paver?

The Big Green Egg Table Nest protects your table by allowing air circulation between your Egg and your table. But it’s a bit costly and the price varies according to size. Contrarily, a concrete paver block is a very cost-friendly option. But it’s susceptible to breakage due to low heat tolerance.

But that’s not the whole story. So, let’s get into the detailed analysis and explore the different features together. 

Table Nest & Paver for Big Green Egg: Brief Overview

A Table Nest is one of the many accessories the Big Green Egg company offers along with the Egg grill. It’s made of metal and designed as a four-legged stand with a height of only 2 inches.

It comes in different sizes considering the variety of egg sizes. There is one for every egg size.

So you won’t have any trouble finding the right size that perfectly holds your egg.

A concrete paver block is another option to place your egg on. You can find ready-made concrete pavers in different shops. But if you don’t find one, you can custom-make one according to the size of your egg. 

Here is a table of comparison of Table Nest and paver for Big Green Egg to help you understand the differences quicker and better. 

Comparison factorsTable NestPaver 
DesignFour-legged standConcrete slab
SizeAvailable for all Egg sizesNeeds to be custom-made

Now that you’ve got a brief idea, let’s dive into the details!

Big Green Egg Table Nest or Paver? – Choose Wisely!

The most popular way of installing a big Green Egg is to place it in a wooden Big Green Egg table or a custom-made island. 

There are stainless steel tables available as well. But those need to be handled very carefully to prevent dents from forming. So people mostly go for the wooden table because of its durability and antique look.

If you read the Big Green Egg instructions, you’ll see that it’s clearly mentioned to not put the Egg directly on a wooden or any combustible surface. That’s because the bottom of your Egg can get really hot.

So if you’re planning on installing your Egg on a wooden table, you must create a barrier by putting something between your Egg and your table. And for that, the top two options are the Big Green Egg Table Nest and a concrete paver pad.

Now, it can be tough for you to choose one of these as both have their own set of pros and cons. It’s almost as confusing as choosing between stainless steel and carbon steel.

But that’s exactly what I’m here for, so no need to stress over it. I’ve done an extensive analysis for you to be able to figure out which one suits your preferences the best. So keep reading!

Design and Appearance

The Big Green Egg Table Nest and a concrete paver block are totally different in terms of structure and appearance.

The Table Nest is specially developed for holding your Egg. So although it looks quite lightweight, it’s quite sturdy. 

This four-legged Table Nest is elevated by 2 inches, which is its best feature. This 2 inches of space not only provides optimum protection to your table surface but also helps to easily dissipate heat.

On the other side, there is the concrete paver block for your Big Green Egg.

The structure of a concrete paver is quite simple. For placing under your egg, you need a flat concrete paver block or pad, which matches the size of your Egg.

The thicker your concrete paver, the better the protection against heat. However, if it isn’t too thick or you’re using a concrete slate, the heat will pass and your table will eventually get burnt.

Also, as concrete paver blocks have comparatively lower durability, they may crack after a certain amount of time and ultimately ruin your table.

So, in my opinion, the design of the Big Green Egg Table Nest is better in terms of providing hassle-free optimum protection to your table. 

Besides, a Table Nest would suit better with such a stylish and modern grill machine as the Big Green Egg.


The most important factor of all: which one of these would last long? 

The Metal Table Nest offered by The Big Green Egg is made particularly for supporting your Egg. 

Its overall composition is quite sturdy, and they’re available in different sizes for supporting all Eggs from small to large.

So I can unhesitantly say that Table Nest would not only serve the purpose of protecting your table but would last a long time as well.

However, there is no guarantee regarding the durability of a concrete paver. 

If you carefully select a good-quality concrete paver block that’s about a few inches thick, it may not cause you any trouble for months. Otherwise, your paver will break in no time.

There are multiple cases of concrete paver blocks breaking or exploding due to not being able to tolerate too much heat.

So why take chances? Go for the Big Green Egg Table Nest and stay hassle-free for a long time.

Heat Regulation of the Egg Exterior

You’re effortlessly controlling the interior temperature of your Big Green Egg using a Green Egg Genius. But unfortunately, you don’t have something like this for the exterior of your Egg, right?

The 2 inches of space that a Table Nest provides between the Egg and the table is quite helpful at controlling the Egg’s exterior temperature.

The bottom part of the Egg is the hottest when the grill is used for some time. But the air circulation in Table Nest helps to regulate and bring down the temperature.

However, there is no space for air circulation when you use a concrete paver block. Also, it takes a huge time for your Egg to cool down after use because concrete slabs absorb heat. 


If you ask, which one is more cost-friendly among the two, the answer is concrete paver.

You can buy or construct a concrete paver pad for your Big Green Egg only spending around 5 to 6 dollars.

The cost of a Big Green Egg Table Nest varies according to size, starting from around 30 dollars to up to 50 dollars.

But as I’ve said before, concrete paver pads are not quite durable and they may cause you trouble often. But a Table Nest is very durable and it’s worth the money. After all,  good things always come at a price!

Now it’s up to you to decide which one you find more convenient. If you’re up for getting the best Big Green Egg Thermometer, then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind getting a Table Nest.

There are Table Nests of other brands available now, from which you may find one that’s more cost-friendly. Here are some of the best ones:

Dracarys Medium Big Green Egg NestCheck price on Amazon
Mydracas Grill Stand for Big Green Egg Large NestCheck Price on Amazon

These are similar to the Big Breen Egg table in terms of quality. If you’re lucky, you may find these available at a low price.

Big Green Egg Table Nest or Paver: The Better Choice

Now, after all these discussions and analysis, which one do you think is the better choice?

If you ask me, I’d totally go for the Big Green Egg Table Nest for my Egg. It’s superior at providing protection to your table and it’s so worth the price.

If I’m ready to spend a few hundred dollars on a legendary product like the Big Green Egg. Then I prefer choosing the best accessories for it.

That’s all!

Frequenlty Asked Questions

What accessories are offered along with a Big Green Egg?

The accessories that are offered along with a Big Green Egg are Table Nest, table, charcoal, convEGGtor, etc.

How often should you clean your Big Green Egg?

You must clean the ashes from the inside of your Egg before every use.

What should you use to light up the charcoal in your Big Green Egg?

It’s best to use only the Big Green Egg’s Charcoal Starters to light up the charcoal.

Final Verdict

After all this discussion regarding which one to choose between a big green egg table nest or paver, the clear winner here is the Table nest!

A Table Nest will not only protect your wooden table from the Egg’s heat but will also help to keep heat down of the Egg’s exterior. 

Now go get that Table Nest and install your Big Green Egg today!