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5 or 7 Quart Dutch Oven [Which One to Pick?]

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A Dutch oven is an iron-cast cooking pot with a tight lid that can be used to cook dishes. Some ovens are made of aluminum and ceramic cast. They are available in different sizes. The most commonly used dutch ovens are the 5 and 7 quarts.

If you are a family of four or more, the most common confusion arises – whether to choose the 5 or 7 quart Dutch oven. Here we are to discuss in detail both the ovens and give you detailed guidance about which one to choose. Let us get started.

5 or 7 Quart Dutch Oven?

The 5 quartz oven is the best for daily use. The 7 quartz oven will do the job for a family of four. The 7 quartz can also be used on special occasions. The 7-quartz oven is suitable for cooking all kinds of dishes and is costlier than the 5-quartz oven.

You also must understand the significant difference between the two before deciding which one to choose. Let us further discuss the specifications and make a detailed comparison between them.


Before choosing between alternatives, it is essential to know the specifications or characteristics of the products. Let us look at the specifications of the 5 and 7 quartz dutch oven.

Specification5 Quartz Oven7 Quartz Oven
Capacity5 Quartz7 Quartz
Serving Size (12 oz. Bowls)1014
Expert InOne-dishFeeds large gathering
Price$40 – $350$80 – $350
AvailabilityEasily available – even in online platformEasily available – even in online platform

5 vs. 7 quart Dutch Oven- Head-To-Head Comparison!

Now that we know the specifications, we need to understand each of them in detail to choose the one that suits us well. For that, the first step is to identify your needs. Once you identify your needs, look into the following detailed comparison between the two.

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The capacity is well described in the name of the vessel. The 5 quartz and 7 quartz are the capacities that both the oven can hold. But, the most crucial factor to be noted is the shape and dimension of the oven. The 5-quartz Dutch oven comes with a dimension of 12.56” LX 10.43” WX 7.14” T, and the 7-quartz oven measures 14.68” LX 12.81” WX 7.12” T.

Both the oven comes in round and oval shape. The expert chefs would always prefer a wide and short oval-shaped oven. So, to decide which oven to choose, go back and check your need.

If you want to feed a smaller group of people, the 5 quartz would be suitable. If you are looking to cater to the needs of a large gathering or cook a large quantity for a special occasion, the 7 quartz will serve you better.


The serving size of the 5-quartz oven is much lower than the 7-quartz. The following table explains the serving size more precisely.

Measurement5 Quartz Oven7 Quartz Oven
12 oz. per bowl10 people14 people
8 oz. per bowl15 people21 people

Yet another most common question among everyone is, which oven is suitable for roasting a whole chicken?

Going with the measurements, it is evident that the 7-quartz oven is suitable for roasting the whole chicken.

Please bear in mind that the 8-quartz oven is also available in the market, which gives you much more capacity than the 7-quartz; you can also choose the 8-quartz oven for roasting the whole chicken.

Ultimately, the 7-quartz oven defeats the 5-quartz in serving size. But, based on your needs, you can choose the one that will suit you better.

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Did you know that the heavier an oven is, the better will be the heat resistance? People always choose the lighter ones because it will be easy for them to handle the vessel. But, the truth is that a lighter oven cannot handle as much heat as the heavier one can.

A 5-quartz oven weighs 12.78 lbs compared to a 7-quartz oven which weighs 18.1 lbs. Though light ovens are user-friendly, the heavier ones are much more durable. The lighter ones come with a thin surface protector, while the heavier ones come with a thick surface. This, in turn, enhances the capacity and resistance of the oven.

Without adequate protection, the thinner ones might develop cracks and scratch the food quickly. It is very annoying and challenging to clean the scorched surface.

So, when it comes to weight, the apparent winner among everyone will be the 7-quartz. The reason is that they are thick, heat-resistant, and do not scratch the food.


The Purpose is nothing but the first step of identifying your need. You need to determine the capacity and the quantity you need to cook. The 5-quartz oven can serve a smaller gathering when compared to the 7-quartz.

There is yet another essential factor to be considered. What can you cook in each of the ovens?

The 7-quartz oven is suitable for any kind of dish. It can hold a more significant portion and can be used to cook any dish, including mac-cheese, short ribs, scalloped potatoes, seafood stew, bread, roasted chicken, and much more. 

But, if you are going to use the oven on a day-to-day basis for the smaller family group, the 5-quartz oven will be the best. The 5-quartz dutch oven is commonly used for cooking the following dishes.

  • Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole
  • Chicken Gravy
  • Lemon-ginger Spinach
  • Tomato tortellini spinach

There is no specific winner for the purpose. Your purpose would be the basis for choosing the one that you would require.

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The last and the most crucial factor to be considered is the price. The 5-quartz dutch oven is much budget friendlier than the 7-quartz. So, after determining the need, you also need to check your budget.

If your budget permits, you can purchase the 7-quartz, which you will never regret. But, the 5-quartz would be an easier one for you.

So, the ultimate decision of which oven to choose relies upon your purpose and what you decide to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to count the right size dutch oven for me? 

One quart will be able to serve sufficiently for one person. That is a way to count the right size dutch oven. The four or five quartz oven will be the best if you are a family of four. If you plan to feed a larger crowd, you may choose the 7 or more quartz dutch oven.

2. How heat resistant is my dutch oven?

The dutch producers mention that the ovens can easily resist heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit as they are made of high-quality oven-proof raw materials. However, you should also note that the lid has a knob that can withstand heat below 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The solution would be to replace the knob with a black phenolic knob that can stand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat.

3. Why are dishes burnt on the bottom while cooking in a dutch oven? 

The primary reason for burning the bottom of the dish is over-heating. Most dutch ovens can stand the heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. When the heat level crosses the limit, you may burn your dish. Ensure you always cook the food at medium heat to avoid burning.

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Take Away

Well, we have discussed in detail both the ovens and now it’s your turn to decide which one to choose.

If you do not have a restricted budget, you can surely choose to buy the 5-quartz dutch oven. You will never regret the decision. Happy Cooking!